A recent report analysis exclaims that about twelve thousand plant species of Madagascar including the Indian Ocean Islands are endemic. Mainly the Madagascar rosy periwinkle is an endemic plant and it is cultivated in order to create remedies and herbal medicines. It is well known for the substances which are technically called vinblastine and vincristine. These are extracted from this endemic plant in order to treat leukemia. About one hundred and forty-four of the mammals are endemic species and the lemurs of Madagascar are typically affected by the human activity. The endemic fish about Madagascar includes about one hundred and fifty species, sixteen genera and two families. The real fact is that more than six hundred and seventy species are endemic ones. In the year 2010, the Madagascar Island has been classified by the Conversation International which is termed as the biodiversity hotspot. Its island is a home to about one hundred and seventy palm species and a list of the plant species are used as the herbal remedies for a list of afflictions including the tremendous specialties.